About Discop



We have 30 years of experience

DISCOP Markets were launched in 1991 to explore content licensing opportunities in the ex-Soviet Republics at a time when mobile phones and the Internet did not exist. Since then, we have helped 2,000+ companies access new business options in more than 100+ emerging countries that have sprung over the years as strong entertainment and media marketplaces.

Our B2B markets are leaders for content business in Africa and the Middle East

Since 2006, DISCOP Markets have shifted their focus to Africa and the Middle East, the world’s fastest growing entertainment and media marketplaces. Three markets are held every year in Cairo, Abidjan and Johannesburg bringing a total of 3,500+ delegates representing 2,500+ companies from 125+ countries.

We put a strong focus on coproduction projects and projects in development

As coproduction in international television expands, Africa and the Middle East can play an increasingly influential role in getting a project off the ground. Competitive incentive programs are already available in a few countries.  Our markets also help content producers, with solid works in progress, reach out to key players in Africa and the Middle East who could bring added value to projects in early development. 

We maintain a powerful database

We currently monitor 75+ countries in Africa and the Middle East. In each of these countries, we keep a close watch on public and commercial broadcasters, premium cable/satellite channels, pay-tv operators, mobile and streaming platforms, telcos and content production companies.

We deliver meetings

We offer meeting-organization services mixing state-of-the-art matchmaking technology with old-fashioned customer service. We help our delegates set-up meeting with each other two months prior to our events and make sure they get onsite support. An average of 40 to 50 pre-organized and spontaneous meetings take place during the market.

For us, content is king

We recognize that buyers deserve better than uncontrolled and overwhelming networking experiences. All year round, they have access to a digital platform showcasing content offered by vendors. Buyers can then interact with ‘personal shoppers’ who will prepare the grounds for meetings at DISCOP markets.

We are vetted by official organizations

Group umbrellas are set-up at our markets by trade and governmental export assistance organizations such as the US Commercial Service (USA), TVFI (France), KOCCA (Korea), PACT (U.K.), ICEX (Spain), DAC (South Africa), ITO (Turkey) SARFT (China), etc…

We are connected globally

DISCOP is based in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, and maintains a network of field agents located in Côte D’Ivoire, South Africa and Egypt. DISCOP is also partners with most of the global / regional, print and online trade publications covering the entertainment and media industry.