Designed to help up-and-coming producers from Africa and the Middle East achieve their full potential, the DISCOPRO instructional, development and networking program is aimed at the next generation of talented and passionate producers from Africa and the Middle East who are ready to make the big multiscreen hits of the future. 

Lower internet costs, better infrastructures, expanding mobile connectivity, fast-rising smartphone penetration, greater fiber uptake and the desire to improve the regulatory environment will make multiscreen entertainment more readily available to tens of millions of new customers; with most of them having a marked preference for home-grown content.

In a such an environment, DISCOPRO is specifically tailored to meet the demand of such a rapidly changing audiovisual landscape where there is no end in sight to the demand for locally produced television series, animated content, formats and documentaries.  

The DISCOPRO programs run alongside the DISCOP multiscreen content markets held each year in Abidjan, Johannesburg and Cairo. These three markets specifically target 69 countries in Africa and the Middle East who will soon exercise huge economic influence on the global entertainment and media industry. 

Each year, DISCOP markets collectively bring together 2,500+ key development, production, acquisition, distribution and marketing executives driving entertainment and media business across Africa and the Middle East.

They represent public and private broadcasters, telecom and mobile networks, pay television operators, streaming platforms, production companies, global and regional content distributors, brands and advertising agencies, public institutions and trade associations, value-added service providers and trade journalists. 


Following a successful turn-out for the Abidjan-based DISCOPRO program that took place at the end of May, the next DISCOPRO programs will be held alongside DISCOP Johannesburg 2019 (20/22 November) and DISCOP MENA 2019 (15/17 December in Cairo)

The two programs will have a strong emphasis on the persuasive impact Africa and the Middle East, and how their vast reservoirs of untold stories and diverse talent can help projects geared at multicultural audiences take off. They will also put into perspective the fast-growing relations between two neighboring world regions sharing many similarities. 

Both DISCOPRO programs will be broken down as follows:

  • Panel Discussions centered around seven strategic industry issues:  

  • What buyers want; 

  • The relationship between global streamers and Africa and the Middle East; 

  • The content monetization challenge; 

  • Cross-media success stories from public broadcasters; 

  • The emergence of e-Sports as mainstream entertainment; 

  • The rise of the animation sector; 

  • The renaissance of radio fiction. 

A Masterclass Program centered on multicultural content production | Given the growth predictions of diverse consumers, cultural competency is key to cross-cultural success and creating content that appeals to a multicultural audience is an important competitive advantage. This program will address how writers, directors and producers can best adapt to the fast-paced world of multicultural television production.

The Pitching Showcase | The Pitching Showcase will feature projects in development from producers operating in Africa and the Middle East. For each DISCOPRO program, sixteen projects will be selected by renown talent-scouters on the basis of their ability to please multicultural audiences. These projects be regrouped under four categories - Television Series, Animation, Formats and Documents - and pitched to a live audience of key entertainment industry players that can leverage influence in Africa and the Middle East. 

A Tutorial Track focused on coproduction opportunities | Africa and the Middle East can play an increasingly influential role in getting global projects off the ground. The Johannesburg track will put the focus on the benefits available in the context of the United Kingdom / South Africa coproduction treaty and bring to light partnership opportunities and the many versatile backdrops that exist in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Rwanda and Uganda. The Cairo track will present incentive programs and partnership opportunities available to producers interested in shooting their projects in Saudi Arabia. It will also look at four up-and-coming countries offering a wealth of creative talent: Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Jordan.

Avant-Première Screenings of remarkable U.K television shows | The end of each DISCOPRO day will be marked by two exclusive previews of original television series produced by the most creative voices responsible for the current golden age of television ‘Made in the U.K.’.

The ‘First Look Series’ of innovative ideas | Intertwined in the general DISCOPRO agenda, this series will feature a line-up of ten inspiring presentations from companies and entrepreneurs who have the edge on how independent producers and storytellers can improve their crafts, generate more revenue and expand their reach.

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