We deliver meetings


In today’s fast-moving MENA entertainment industry, the normal functions of content buyers, sellers and producers are beginning to blur. That’s why we make it our priority to deliver as many relevant and distinguishable meetings during the course of DISCOP markets. Delegates registered for DISCOP MENA 2019 (except VISITORS) are entitled to the following meeting-organization assistance:

  • Companies who have never attended DISCOP MENA in the past have access to lead-generation services designed to help them identify relevant vendors / buyers on the basis of detailed business profiles;

  • Veteran content vendors / buyers can access an online meeting organization platform and reach out to other delegates registered as BUYERS | SELLERS | PRODUCERS.Our staff is on hand to point out new companies who never took part in DISCOP MENA in the past;

  • Content vendors can upload and showcase up to 5 programs onto the DISCOP CLUB screening platform for a period of 12 months. Key content buyers have access to DISCOP CLUB and screen trailers / full-length episodes of programs offered at the market. 

  • Content buyers can also interact with ‘personal shoppers’ on stand-by to answer their questions and prepare the ground for meetings at the market.


  • To save time, non exhibiting content vendors / buyers can set-up their meetings inside the ‘Meeting On Demand Lounge’. They will be welcome by our staff and directed to communal tables.

  • Content vendors / buyers can request the assistance of our onsite staff to set-up last-minute meetings, chase ‘No Shows’ and be notified of important delegate changes.